Mission Statement

The primary mission of T&D Basketball Academy is to promote the continued development of young players as it relates to fundamentals of basketball, sportsmanship and athletic competition. This will be achieved through participation in tournaments throughout the Region and competing at the highest level possible.  T and D Basketball provides opportunities to participate in travel AAU basketball in Chicago and Indiana. Coaching each player in reaching their maximum potential and contribution in the game of basketball and in transforming those skills from the basketball floor today, to become leaders in our communities tomorrow.

T&D Basketball also hosts one day youth basketball tournaments for boys and girls 3rd thru 11th grade in the Chicago area. We host AAU youth basketball teams from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio during our one day basketball tournaments on Sundays.

T&D Basketball Fundamental Skills Training (1st – 4th Grade Boys and Girls)

Foundational player development that equips players with the building blocks they need to develop overall skills and be competitive basketball players, while learning to love the game! Our FUNdamental skills coaches bring energy to the court – teaching young players to play with enthusiasm and passion.

Skills taught: Ball-handling and off-hand development
How to properly catch a basketball
How to pass with efficiency
Keys to being a good defender
Proper shooting form, footwork, and more!

T&D Basketball Intermediate Skills Training (5th – 6th Grade Boys and Girls)

Prepares players with the skills they will need to be successful at their middle school tryout!

Key Concepts: – – Introduce offensive scoring moves
Improve ability to handle the ball with pressure
Learn to finish with contact
Learn to use body effectively to get open every possession!
Learn basics of key concepts like how to attack a pick and roll, how to come off pin down screens, and more!

T&D Basketball Elite JR High Advanced Skills Training (7th & 8th Grade Boys and Girls)

Our JR. High Advanced Training has one purpose: PREPARE players to be varsity contributors.

Key Concepts Taught: Basics of how to attack a pick and roll
How to come off pin down screen
Varsity level team concepts
Keys become a better overall scorer
Get your ball handling on a string
Introduction to 1v1 attack moves
3 key moves and counter moves when attacking in transition
How to get open using L cuts, V cuts, and more!

T&D Basketball Elite High School Elite Training (High School Boys and Girls)

For elite high school players or those striving to be. Intense, game-driven, skills training that will prepare players to execute in the actual game!

Key Concepts Taught: 6 deadly ways to score out of a pick and roll
3 types off stops and how to stop quicker to create space from your defender
How to read your defender and DOMINATE in off-ball screens
College level team concepts
Go-to scoring moves that work against any defender
Develop a variety of go-to finishing moves to finish in the paint over and around taller defenders
Elite footwork development
3 key moves and counter moves when attacking in transition
4 ways to create space and what to do with separation once you get it
How to get open using L cuts, V cuts, Wiggle Cuts, and more!

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